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Custom Fabrication & Made-to-Measure Design Work at Convergence Robotics Inc.

At Convergence Robotics Inc., we pride ourselves on over 65 years of hands-on fabrication experience, bringing custom made-to-measure projects to life. Our white-glove customer service and transparency set us apart in the industry, making us the preferred choice for custom needs.

Full-Service Industrial Design Studio

We offer end-to-end solutions from concept to installation, collaborating with our clients to realize designs that resonate with their brand. Our in-house industrial design expertise, engineering support, and fabrication capabilities ensure a seamless process.

In-House Expertise
  • Mechanical Engineering: Our in-house mechanical engineer ensures precision and quality in every project.

  • Graphic Design: With graphic design experience, we create visually appealing and brand-aligned designs.

Collaborative Services
  • Immersive Displays & Software Development: We work with customers to develop immersive displays and software, enhancing user experience and engagement. This service is provided in collaboration with specialized partners.

Why Choose Us?

  • White-Glove Customer Service: We work side by side with our customers, designers, and production teams to make the entire process as seamless as possible.

  • Transparency: Our goal is to come to you with solutions, not worry you with problems. Ensuring a proper install and satisfaction for all parties involved.

  • Sustainability: As a United Nations-accredited company, we are committed to upholding the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, using ecologically sourced materials whenever possible.

  • LEED Certified Materials: Our materials are LEED Certified, providing you and your customers with the opportunity to obtain local tax credits.

Subcontractor & Installer Services

When acting as a subcontractor/installer, we allow our customers to be completely hands-off of the process. Knowing we are there to handle any questions or concerns, and if issues or problems arise, we come to you with solutions.

Join Us in Revolutionizing Custom Fabrication

Discover the advantages of custom fabrication with Convergence Robotics Inc. and join us in revolutionizing the OEM manufacturing landscape. Our mission goes beyond manufacturing; we aim to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and create products that are both environmentally conscious and cost-effective.

Contact Us Today

Excited about our custom solutions? Let's connect and explore opportunities together.

Toll-free: 1 877-27 ROBOT (1 877-277-6268)

Local: 289-312-ROBO (289-312

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