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Ghost Manufacturing

Ghost Manufacturing: Customized Private Label Manufacturing Inspired by the Ghost Kitchen Concept

At Convergence Robotics Inc., we help you private label your manufacturing, inspired by the innovative Ghost Kitchen concept. Are you looking to on-shore your manufacturing operations and bring back jobs to Canada? Are you an international manufacturer looking to enter the Canadian market? Keep reading to learn more about our unique approach to OEM manufacturing.

Whether you have an existing product on the market or you're an avid inventor, we will work with you. We provide wood, metal, and plastic fabrication as well as 3D printing services.

Support for Inventors and Innovators

If you're an inventor with a vision to bring a product to life, our team of designers and engineers is here to support you every step of the way. From concept to production, we have the expertise to help you create and manufacture your product with ease.


Localized Manufacturing and Growth

As a United Nations-accredited company, we are committed to upholding the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, using ecologically sourced materials whenever possible. As we expand across Canada and North America, each new location allows for localized manufacturing, reducing embodied carbons and promoting sustainability. This approach not only benefits the environment but also supports local economies and job markets. We also prioritize a Canadian supply chain whenever possible, offering a Canadian sourced option for all parts. However, due to consumers' need for the lowest-priced items, we will also offer imported versions of some supplies when needed.


LEED Certified Materials and Tax Credits

Our materials are LEED Certified, providing you and your customers with the opportunity to obtain local tax credits. By choosing Convergence Robotics Inc. for your manufacturing needs, you're making a sustainable and eco-conscious decision that can benefit both your business and the environment.


Discover the advantages of Ghost Manufacturing with Convergence Robotics Inc. and join us in revolutionizing the OEM manufacturing landscape.

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