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At Convergence Robotics Inc. (CRI), we believe that a sustainable future starts with the way we design and manufacture our products. Our commitment to using ecologically sourced materials for our office and modular furniture is a driving force behind our green initiatives. From wood and plastics to metal and, in the near future, CO2-free concrete, we strive to make a positive environmental impact.


Redefining Waste Through Innovative Design


By reimagining the way we differentiate between biological and technical materials, we can significantly reduce waste. Biological materials can be safely returned to the environment, while technical materials require careful handling to prevent environmental harm. By embracing this distinction, we can create products that contribute to a greener tomorrow.


Affordable Sustainability


Contrary to popular belief, environmentally conscious products do not have to be expensive. When ecological product design is executed effectively, it becomes more efficient and cost-effective than traditional production methods. By prioritizing sustainability, we can create products that are both eco-friendly and affordable.


Energy Efficiency and Savings

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond materials; we also invest in technologies that increase energy efficiency in our manufacturing processes and the products we create. By developing energy-efficient solutions such as artifactual lighting, we can help businesses save on energy costs while reducing their environmental footprint.


The Power of Excellent Product Design


At CRI, we believe that exceptional product design is the key to combining economic and ecological efficiency. By prioritizing sustainability in every aspect of our business, we are actively working towards a more efficient and greener future for all.

Inspired by:

Cradle To Cradle: by William McDonough and Michael Braungart

The Upcycle: By William McDonough and Michael Braungart

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