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Leading by example:
Starting with Purpose-built Carbon Negative Factories

"Excellent product design enables the seamless combination of economic and ecological efficiency!"

We're proud to announce our accreditations from the United Nations for their 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


At CRI, our goal is only to use sustainable, ecologically sourced materials, whenever & wherever possible, from wood & plastics to metal and, in the near future, CO2-free concrete.


If we change the way products are designed, we can dramatically reduce waste for a greener tomorrow.

"We produce waste because we don’t differentiate between biological and technical materials. Biological materials are those that can be safely returned to the environment. Technical materials are dangerous to the environment and shouldn’t be thrown out."

"When people hear “environmentally conscious products,” usually one thing comes to mind – pricey. But this common assumption is far from true. That’s because, when done right, ecological product design is more efficient, and therefore cheaper, than more mainstream production."

"For instance, we’re working toward technology that will make buildings extremely energy efficient, which means even more savings down the road. Soon, buildings will be able to use artifactual lighting – lighting that’s part artificial, part natural; buildings equipped with this technology would require artificial lighting for a mere 40 days out of the year. Obviously, this means major energy savings."

"So, while building such a structure would cost about as much as constructing a conventional building of the same type and size, the eco-conscious one gives a much better bang for your buck." 

We don't have an “energy problem;” we have an efficiency problem. 

"Excellent product design enables the seamless combination of economic and ecological efficiency!"

Quotes and Excerpts Credited to:

  • Cradle To Cradle: by William McDonough and Michael Braungart

  • The Upcycle: By William McDonough and Michael Braungart

Let’s Work Together Towards a Greener Tomorrow

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