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Skilled labour shortages

Did you know that the American Welding Society (AWS) estimates a labour shortage of nearly 400,000 welders by 2024?

Up to 30 percent of the welding workforce in Canada is set to retire within the next 10 years, according to a spokesperson for the CWB Welding Foundation.

This is one of the key driving factors that caused us to create Convergence Robotics Inc. (CRI)

The labour shortages in the fabrication sector aren't limited to just welders; the same goes for nearly all processes within the fabrication workflow. Unfortunately, skilled trades are on the decline, kids aren't coming out of school looking to become press-brake operators, welders, millwrights & machinists.

We here at CRI are getting out ahead of the issue. An added benefit to an automated fabrication process include an industry-leading part procession, faster turnaround times and lower cost per part.

Contact us today to learn more about the production process and how CRI can help you on your next project!

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