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Luminary Desk & Hutch

Luminary Desk & Hutch

Introducing the Luminary Desk & Hutch Set


Upgrade your workspace with the new Luminary Desk & Hutch Set, the ultimate workspace solution for those who value both style and functionality. With its expert craftsmanship and stunning 2-tone design, featuring a beautiful Walnut and Maple Combo, this desk is sure to make a statement in any workspace. Measuring 84" wide, with an L-shaped return of the same size and a 1.5" thick top, the desk offers ample space to work efficiently and productively. Additionally, the Luminary Desk is available in single tone upon request. This version includes a hutch that offers modular storage options, featuring 4 doors for enclosed storage and 3 open shelves for easy access to your essentials.


    Sustainable Canadian-Made Products

    Crafted from locally sourced, eco-friendly materials, our Luminary Desks support a greener future while providing high-quality and innovative workspaces.

    Modular Design for Customization and Flexibility

    The Luminary Desk is designed to be adaptable, with numerous add-ons available such as single or double drawers, laptop trays, cable organizers, and CPU holders. The L section of the desk can be changed or upgraded afterwards, with options for either a single door or a 3-piece drawer system. Similarly, the small drawer add-on can be replaced with a double door system. Plus, with the Luminary Desk & Hutch Set, you can now enjoy even more storage options with the included hutch. Have your own 3D printer? You can print your own upgrades to personalize your Luminary Desk & Hutch Set even further.

    Ergonomic Benefits

    Our standing desks provide a healthier work environment, reducing the risks associated with prolonged sitting, such as back pain and poor posture.

    The Hutch Advantage

    The hutch in the Luminary Desk & Hutch Set adds a new level of organization and functionality to your workspace. With 4 doors for enclosed storage and 3 open shelves, it offers ample space to store your office essentials, keeping your work area clutter-free and efficient.

    Embrace a more organized, functional, and sustainable workspace with the Luminary Desk & Hutch Set, offering additional storage options and customizable features to meet your unique needs.

  • Modular Storage Options

    Explore our Canadian-made, modular home and office furniture products. Personalize your space with add-ons such as single or double drawers, laptop trays, cable organizers, and CPU holders. Plus, 3D print your own upgrades for a truly customized touch.