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Solo Pod 144 ft²  (Deposit Only) From $23,999

Solo Pod 144 ft² (Deposit Only) From $23,999

Product Description:

The Solo Pod embodies minimalist eco-living, offering a compact yet versatile space. Designed to fit seamlessly into any setting, it's the epitome of sustainable living in its simplest form. Tailored for backyard workspaces or snug extensions, this unit uniquely offers practicality without the need for a building permit in Ontario, making it a ready retreat for modern minimalists.


Building Permit Not Required:

The Solo Pod is uniquely designed to not require a building permit in Ontario, offering a hassle-free setup for modern minimalists seeking a sustainable, compact living space.



Priced at an attainable $21,999 without a heat pump, or $27,999 with a heat pump included for year-round comfort, the Solo Pod is an economical choice for those venturing into sustainable living. Please note that due to raw material costs, prices are subject to change prior to full order payment. The price does not include delivery or installation; however, we have a preferred contractor network for installation or customers can choose to self-install like Ikea furniture.


Ordering Process:

To secure your place in our order queue, a refundable deposit of $100 is required. This deposit is a gesture of your commitment and will be credited back to you upon finalizing your purchase. Please note, the $100 deposit is not the total cost of the house; it is a step towards securing your Solo Pod.


The pricing details as mentioned above reflect the actual cost of the Solo Pod which starts at $21,999 without a heat pump or $27,999 with a heat pump included.

  • Features:

    • Size: 154 ft²
    • Maximum exterior height: 12.5 ft
    • No building permit required in Ontario
  • Benefits:

    • Hassle-free installation due to no permit requirements.
    • Compact design, making it versatile for various settings.
    • Eco-friendly, promoting sustainable living.
  • Use Cases:

    • Backyard workspace
    • Compact living space
    • Serene extension
    • Pool Cabana
    • Golf Simulator
    • She-Shed
    • Man Cave
    • Insulated Workshop
    • Projector Room