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I'd like to give a shout-out to Jonathan and his team for their exceptional service. After the COVID lockdowns, our restaurant needed a solution to maintain social distancing without compromising the atmosphere. Jonathan came up with an idea for modular acrylic barriers with metal frames that were both sturdy and visually appealing.

These barriers helped us provide a safe and inviting dining experience for our patrons, and Jonathan was great to work with throughout the process. He customized the barriers to fit our specific needs and offered a competitive price.

I can't recommend them enough for any custom fabrication projects. Their dedication to quality and customer care truly sets them apart.

A big thanks to Jonathan and the team for your fantastic work and excellent service.

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I am writing to share my experience working with Jonathan and his team. My name is Chris, and
I have engaged in numerous transactions with them over the years. Whether I am buying or
selling, I can always count on them to provide quality products and excellent service.

In particular, I have purchased custom-made metal and plexiglass barriers from them on a
couple of occasions, and Jonathan was my point of contact throughout the process. He
provided a fair price and exceptional customer service, and the products we received were of
the highest quality. I am pleased to say that our customers loved them.

Overall, I would highly recommend them for any custom-fabricated products you may need.
They are professional, skilled, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer
satisfaction. Through our many transactions, I have always been impressed with their attention
to detail and commitment to providing a top-notch product.
Thank you, Jonathan and the team, for your dedication to excellence.


Chris. W - Shiatsu Plus Inc. 

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“During the height of the pandemic, our company was contacted by all sorts of companies and individuals seeking PPE Supplies when they were hard to get.  We chose Jonathan, as he was able to procure the large amounts of PPE products we required to fulfill the requests given to us.  (PPE supplies procured, and custom fabricated metal and plexiglass products for government contracts.)


He delivered the products when he said he would, and provided us with reasonable pricing.  A great example of this is one of the companies we provided PPE to, included several pallets of disposable gloves.  In the end- our customer was satisfied with when and how they received their products! 


Which in turn, helped us secure a lot more business from this company since then.  Jonathan has always been straight up with his capabilities, and has yet to let me down.  As our office supply business- Warrior Office is ramping up- we are excited to share with our customers the office furniture products Convergence Robotics inc. will be designing and producing! 


I would 100% recommend dealing with Convergence Robotics when in the market for custom-made office products solely based on our recent past experiences!  He is very personable, and has always checked up on things after delivery to make sure things were satisfactory.”


5 Star Reviews 

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