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Terra Retreat 2,000 ft²

Terra Retreat 2,000 ft²

Product Description:

The epitome of sustainable grandeur, the Terra Retreat offers a spacious 3-bedroom layout with 2.5 bathrooms. Crafted for those who desire space without compromising on sustainability, it's perfect as a primary residence or a luxurious getaway. Designed for comfort and sustainable luxury, it stands as a testament to spacious, eco-conscious living.


Ordering Process:

To secure your place in our order queue for this luxurious retreat, a refundable deposit of $100 is required. This deposit demonstrates your commitment and will be credited back to you upon finalizing your purchase. Please note, the $100 deposit is not the total cost of the house; it is a step towards securing your Terra Retreat.

  • Features:

    • Size: 2,000 ft²
    • Offers 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms
    • Sustainable luxury, expansive spaces, modern amenities
  • Benefits:

    • Ample space suitable for larger families or hosting guests.
    • Modern amenities in an eco-friendly setting.
    • Sustainable luxury at its best.
  • Use Cases:

    • Primary residence for large families
    • Luxurious guest house
    • Upscale modular home
    • Modular housing
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