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Welcome to Convergence Robotics Inc.

Affordable Homes Built On-Site in Weeks, Not Months

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Discover Our ECO-Habitat Collection

Dive into a journey where innovation aligns with sustainability and affordability, introducing our ECO-Habitat Collection. This curated range of homes represents Convergence Robotics Inc.'s dedication to providing cost-effective, eco-conscious living solutions. Opting for a model from our ECO-Habitat Collection is more than just selecting a home; it's making a smart, sustainable choice for a greener and more economical tomorrow.

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For our adherence to the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, in partnership with the City of Vaughan


A Force for Positive Change and Core Mission

At Convergence Robotics Inc. (CRI), we are fully committed to the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Beyond just being a business, we strive to be a force for positive change. Guided by principles of sustainability, conscious capitalism, and community contribution, we harness automation to combat labor shortages. This enables us to focus on providing sustainable and affordable homes by passing along the savings to our customers.


Smart Design and Automation: Efficiency and Affordability

Innovative design principles help us to significantly reduce waste, responsibly managing the environmental impact of both biological and technical materials. Automation is key to combatting labor shortages and enhancing efficiency, enabling us to pass these savings on to our customers.


Our City Cabin Initiative and Social Impact

Our mission extends beyond just business. For every 15 City Cabins or larger units we sell, we donate a 288 sqft City Cabin to help combat homelessness. This initiative is part of our overarching goal to help solve homelessness, aligning with our commitment to creating a more equitable and sustainable future.


Future Investments and Inspirations: Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Choices

Our units employ energy-saving heat pumps and are constructed to exceed current energy standards. We also offer optional upgrades for Passive Houses. Soon, we'll expand our offerings to include off-grid options like solar panel upgrades and local partnerships for geothermal energy solutions.

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Imagine the Possibilities

Convergence Robotics Inc. (CRI) is honored to be United Nations-accredited for our commitment to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, a testament to our collaborative efforts with the City of Vaughan towards sustainable and community-centric living. At the core of CRI lies a mission that transcends traditional business boundaries, striving to be a catalyst for positive societal change.


Through robotic innovation, we combat labor shortages, reduce costs, and ensure repeatable part precision, enabling us to provide sustainable and affordable homes. Our innovative design ethos coupled with automation, significantly curtails waste, making sustainable living accessible


. Beyond business, our City Cabin Initiative pledges a City Cabin donation for every 15 units sold to combat homelessness, embodying our larger mission for a more equitable future. As we envision a greener tomorrow, our units, engineered for energy efficiency, offer a pathway towards sustainable living with options for Passive Houses upgrades, solar, and geothermal solutions, marking every step towards innovation as a stride towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

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