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Where Robotics & Fabrication Converge

Authentic Canadian-Made Products: Quality, Sustainability, and Innovation


Revolutionizing OEM Manufacturing with Sustainable, UN-Accredited Innovation

At Convergence Robotics Inc., we are revolutionizing the OEM manufacturing of modular office furniture by leveraging cutting-edge robotics and Industry 4.0 technologies. Our eco-friendly home furniture and sustainable furniture manufacturing practices reflect our commitment to a greener tomorrow.

As a United Nations-accredited company, we are committed to upholding the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by using only ecologically sourced materials whenever possible.

Our digital on-demand manufacturing approach enables us to efficiently deliver high-quality products within 14-36 days while providing excellent customer service through our online quoting and order tracking platforms. By combining innovation, sustainability, and our UN accreditation, we aim to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and build a greener tomorrow with products that are not only environmentally conscious but also cost-effective.

Ghost Manufacturing 

Experience the cutting-edge of OEM manufacturing with our Ghost Manufacturing services, inspired by the inventive Ghost Kitchen concept.


At Convergence Robotics Inc., we provide customized private-label manufacturing solutions for inventors and businesses alike, emphasizing sustainability, eco-conscious practices, and support for local economies and job markets.


With localized manufacturing, Canadian supply chain options, and LEED Certified materials, we are revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape. Intrigued to learn more about how we can help bring your products to life?


Click to delve deeper into our game-changing approach to manufacturing.

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Satisfied Customers Sharing 5-Star Reviews for Convergence Robotics Inc.

5 Star Reviews 

Duff's Famous Wings logo

Hy. E - Duff's Wings 

I'd like to give a shout-out to Jonathan and his team for their exceptional service. After the COVID lockdowns, our restaurant needed a solution to maintain social distancing without compromising the atmosphere. Jonathan came up with an idea for modular acrylic barriers with metal frames that were both sturdy and visually appealing......
Shiatsu Plus Inc Logo

Chris. W - Shiatsu Plus Inc. 

I am writing to share my experience working with Jonathan and his team. My name is Chris, and
I have engaged in numerous transactions with them over the years. Whether I am buying or
selling, I can always count on them to provide quality products and excellent service
Superior Strategies Logo
During the height of the pandemic, our company was contacted by all sorts of companies and individuals seeking PPE Supplies when they were hard to get.  We chose Jonathan, as he was able to procure the large amounts of PPE products we required to fulfill the requests given to us......

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