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About Us

Our mission is to bring manufacturing back to Canada while using sustainable materials throughout the production process. 

We're disruptors in OEM manufacturing (Private labelling)  of office and modular furniture. We take a technology-first approach as a digital on-demand manufacturing company (Industry 4.0) using robotics to automate nearly the entire fabrication process.


The Metal, Wood & Plastic Fabrication sector is currently riddled with issues, such as long lead times (often missed delivery windows), subpar QC, inconsistent pricing (removing fluctuating material costs from the equation), and labour shortages. Most of these issues stem from a lack of innovation in the sector and archaic business practices.


What sets Convergence Robotics Inc. (CRI) apart is our digital manufacturing approach to the production process.


  • Typical lead times for custom products can be  4-16 weeks

    • CRI can turn over jobs in as little as 14-36 days.

  • Customer service is an afterthought to our competitors, with quotes taking up to 8+ days and status updates taking multiple days to get a response.

    • Quoting can be done online through our Digital Quoting platform (Coming soon)

    • Customers can track orders throughout the process on our Order Tracking System. (Coming soon)

    • Customers can collaborate on the design process for custom designs from any computer-based internet browser.

  • Quality control or a lack thereof is often found in the fabrication sector.

    • Using Lidar and 3D vision scanning systems combined with machine learning, we can provide unparalleled quality control.

      • Checking for surface quality, part tolerances/sizes, bend angles & overall product conformity.

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